Energy Conservation

As an environmental charity, we are dedicated to educating and encouraging individuals and businesses to reduce their energy consumption and utilise energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Solar Energy

Africa has high solar intensity, and the number of days of sunlight allows the potential of bringing solar power to much of Africa without large scale grid infrastructure. Solar is a safe and secure source of energy for off-grid locations in remote and rural areas. As a charity, we aim to deliver safe, clean, and affordable lighting and electricity for the people in Africa.

Why Solar Energy For Africa


Sustainable use of power

Solar energy is renewable, and the world can use it sustainably as an alternative source of energy.


Reduce carbon emissions

Solar energy is very clean and its application reduces carbon emissions.


Cost Effective

Initial solar equipment cost is high, howerver the overall cost is competetive against fossil fuels over a lifetime.


Remote Deployment

Can be deployed in remote locations Solar energy can be supplied in remote areas to access electricity at affordable rates.

A Non-Profit Organization Focused on Reforestation, Energy Conservation and Air Pollution

We make it simple for anyone to get involved, plant trees and help protect the environment through donations.

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